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Wallingford WCI receives income from the Town of Wallingford, as well as from private sources through fundraising efforts. It has a 15 member volunteer Board of Directors and currently one full time staff person and one part-time employee. WCI receives support services from the Mayor of Wallingford, the Wallingford Town Council, the Wallingford Economic Development Commission, the Electric Division, the Public Works Department, the Parks and Recreation Department, and Police and Fire Services. There is a real pooling of the resources of many volunteer groups, corporations, small businesses, town departments, and town government. These resources are in the form of monetary donations and active service work. The Mayor of Wallingford, William W. Dickinson, Jr., has been a supporter of the downtown revitalization effort from its inception, and this support cannot be under-emphasized.

The Wallingford Economic Development Commission works with WCI to develop development strategies such as business recruitment and retention and real estate development. The EDC and WCI offer an incentive package for new businesses that move into a vacant downtown space, as well as for existing businesses. We run ads in the local newspaper welcoming new businesses to the downtown, and the newspapers provide excellent feature articles on each and every new business.This year, Wallingford Center, Inc. and the Economic Development Commission convened a focus group made up of a cross-section of interested downtown leaders. We are also able to help businesses in many other ways through support, referrals, promotion, and group advertising. This public/private investment partnership is one of the key elements of the program.


Wallingford Center Inc. is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization dedicated to the economic growth and vitality of Downtown Wallingford.

Our program is designed to engage businesses and community leaders to enhance the vitality of our downtown through economic development, collaborative relationships, business support, advocacy, promotion and events. We strive to create a bright future while celebrating the history, culture, and deep roots of Wallingford